Why I’m Cleaning out My Closets, and Why YOU Should Too…

I swear my closet has clothes dating back to the late 80’s. After reading Peter Walsh’s book, “It’s all too much” I decided to go deeper into the recesses of my home and “really” declutter. First stop – the closet. Now, I had de-cluttered many times and I thought I did a good job. This time around, however, I noticed I had two briefcases (very nice ones and still in good shape) and a business suit wrapped neatly in plastic from the dry-cleaner’s, that hadn’t seen the light of day since 1991 (according to the cleaner’s invoice).

Seeing as I have since upgraded both my professional attire and briefcase, I’ll be donating these spare relics in my closet to my local chapter of Dress for Success (http://www.dressforsuccess.org/) – a nonprofit organization that provides unemployed women with professional gear for job hunting and interviews.

You may not think that a circa-91 suit could make much of a difference, but to an unemployed mom looking for a job, that still-stylish suit could provide the confidence needed to ace an interview.

Go to http://www.dressforsuccess.org/ or http://www.thewomensalliance.org/ to find out where you can donate your used professional gear. You can also contact shelters for abused women in children in your area, to see what clothing donations they will accept.

Whether your business suits and accessories are topping Vogues “Most Wanted” or are dating back to another era like mine, somebody, somewhere can use what you’ve got!

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