Yoga Challenge to Beat Arthritis ~

On Sunday February 27th, 2011, do yoga for a good cause.  Join the yoga challenge to beat arthritis and autoimmune conditions.  Power of Movement is the largest yoga fundraiser in the world in support of arthritis research! It’s not just a condition that elderly people have; arthritis and related autoimmune diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and vasculitis affect people of all ages, even kids. Register today to improve the lives of millions of Canadians by being proactive about your own mobility. Sign up at When you register you’ll be prompted to select either a Power of Movement MEGA-SESSION or a VIRTUAL CHALLENGE for February 27th, 2011.If you can’t take part in this great event, please support my Personal Challenge! I’m one of thousands of people making a difference through this yoga challenge. I’m not seasoned at the art and zen of yoga by any means.  However, I’ve been introduced to this great exercise a few months ago and have to say, I am completely addicted.  I love the yoga.  And I love that I can help others with one day of this yoga challenge.MILLIONS of people need our support! Please support my yoga journey by contributing