Celebrate Earth Hour 2010 by turning off your lights March 27

Earth Hour is almost here! 8:30 pm, Saturday March 27, 2010

Last year hundreds of millions of people across the globe turned out their lights for Earth Hour. This year the goal iso reach 1 billion people! Together, by spreading the word, we can reach that goal.

Got plans for the big night yet? Find an event in your city: Canada  United States

Or try these Earth Hour App’s:

The Twitter widget

Add a Twibbon to your avatar

For your Facebook profile

Other Facebook App, where you can flick the virtual light switch and show your friends you’re committed to Earth Hour

Keep up to date on all the Earth Hour excitement, straight from your Blackberry!

Create a virtual lantern and embed it on your site so others can to! –

Looking for even more inspiration? Vote on your favorite video or photo essay in the Earth Hour Every Hour Contest for great weekly prizes: http://share.wwf.ca/!