June is CHARITY WALKS month! #1 Walk 4 Water

If you’ve been looking for a challenge, looking for a 5k to inspire you, wanting to help a good cause, or want to make a difference in your health and your life – this could be just what you need to inspire you and get you going!


Water 4 Kids International www.hope4kidsinternational.org/w4ki is a charity that raises money to build wells in Africa. The village that the SparkTeam is sponsoring is Kirewa “B” in Uganda. Villagers must travel 2.5km each way to access their current source of water, which is not even clean. A well will give over 8500 villagers a clean, safe, local water source for year-round use.  Over one billion people in this world are living without access to safe drinkable water among other basic necessities. Water 4 Kids International is responding to this need by drilling wells in remote areas especially close to schools.


This is a virtual race. Participants of this challenge will do their walks/runs between Sept 18th and 24th – plenty of time to train!