Day 10 of 30 Days/30 Ways to Give: SHOP FOR A CAUSE

In Chapter 10, “Use Your Decisions,” of How to Be an Everyday Philanthropist, I discuss online shopping for charity in which proceeds from your purchases go toward a certain cause. You can also visit online charity “malls”—shopping portals, like, with links to major retailers like Sephora or services like Marriott International hotels. When you shop at these online malls, a portion of all sales goes to charity. And you don’t have to remember where you parked your car.

Today’s National Volunteer Month Action: SHOP FOR A CAUSE

Wipe Away Shopper’s Remorse: is a charity mall with over fifteen thousand organizations to choose from from Action Against Hunger to your local YMCA (you can nominate your preferred charity if it’s not already on the list). When you make a puchase through iGive, the retailer puts a percentage in your account. You can then redirect those funds to a partner charity. is another charity mall (with merchants like Dell, Disney, and Sheraton) where you can earn money for causes like American Forests and the American Cancer Society.  Don’t stop there!  You can shop for good on these charity malls too:, and
If you’re going to shop anyway, why not look for purchases that make a difference?   
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This week’s PRODUCT PICK – Shop for a Change

This week’s product pick comes from Brianne Kimmel from Ohio. 

This is a product I can really get behind! The Suubi necklace from Light Gives Heat is handcrafted by the Suubi women in Uganda. Made of recycled paper, it’s 100% unique and offers Ugandan women consistent incomes where there was once none. Profit is directed back to Uganda and helps run literacy classes, English classes, and allows for higher incomes as well as more consistent incomes to be offered to more women.

How it began…

The Suubi (hope) project was launched in 2007 while the Hansow family was living in Jinja, Uganda for the adoption of their daughter. At the orphanage, they met Anaso Grace and Adong Santa selling paper-beaded necklaces. And after they visited the original 60+ women who met each Sunday to bead together under a jackfruit tree in the village of Walukuba, Suubi was birthed – merely a response to a talent and a need.

What we do…

In addition to buying each week (and tripling their usual profit), the Light Gives Heat volunteers also run weekly Literacy and English classes for the women of Suubi and simply spend time with the women. The majority of the 120+ women are Acholi widows who have been displaced from Northern Uganda because of an over 20-year-long war that has directly affected their tribe and homeland.

I promise you this jewelry will make you smile every time you put it on!

Thank you Brianne for sharing this great product with me and all our visitors.  Remember to send in your ideas for great products that help charity!
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