Philanthropy Chic: TOMS Shoes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock – or on a deserted island (which btw, doesn’t sound half bad), you’ve probably heard of – or seen, the funky and fiercely-fashionable TOMS shoes that have found their way onto many a chic gal’s tootsies.

(Photo Source: TOMS)

What you may not be aware of, however, is that in addition to the stylish kicks that support a great cause (for every pair purchased, TOMS donates a pair to a child in need), TOMS took the next step and expanded their product line beyond the ever-present cotton espadrilles and comfy kicks to a “One for One” brand – now offering sunglasses and eye-wear – that does double duty.

As creative director of TOMS, Blake Mycoskie explains on his blog, shoes were just the beginning of his “buy one, give one” philanthropic business model:

I realized that our One for One model could serve more needs than shoes, it struck me that it was our responsibility to do so, and a real urgency set in. I started gathering a TOMS team together to find out more about sight and how to give more in a new way, responsibly. And we have been working on preparing for this day ever since.

With so many different needs around the world, Mycoskie felt that TOMS had an obligation to try to improve as many lives as possible.  Lucky for us, TOMS “One for One” eye-wear line is donating sight restoration (via glasses, surgery, or medical treatment) to one person for every pair they sell!

The highly anticipated eyewear line is both super-chic and exquisitely made (in Italy, darling…) and are available in various styles – from the over-sized “Yes, I’m famous” Deoria shades, to the vintage Hollywood-glam Beachmaster shades, and much more.

(TOMS Deoria Sunglasses) 

(TOMS Beachmaster shades in pineapple) 

For my money, it’s brilliant to feel like your purchasing dollars are going to a good place, and in this case, fashion & philanthropy doesn’t get much more altruistic than TOMS.