D-I-Y Kindness-Chic: Quilts for Kids

(Photo Source: Etsy.com)

Each year more than 6 million children in America require hospital stays.  As wonderful and healing as hospital’s are, sometimes that therapeutic experience can be a little scary for young ones.

To make the stay a little less daunting, caring company, Downy  partnered with the nonprofit organization, Quilts for Kids to provide handmade-with-love blankets to the youngest of patients requiring a hospital stay.  Since 2009 Downy’s Touch of Comfort program has delivered more than 20,000 warm and cuddly blankets to help soothe hospitalized children.

If you’re a D-I-Y giver, with a flair for quilting, head over to downy.com.  Although the company has filled its quota of hand-made quilts, it makes it super-easy for sewers (even beginners) to get involved in the do-good, give-back efforts with Quilts for Kids, by offering a free downloadable Touch of Comfort heart quilt pattern  – the perfect way to cover someone with love!

California Chic

The best part of summer is indulging in nature’s bounty – sun, surf and soft-sugar beaches, to name a few. I simply adore the modest and graphic-style bathing suit options from Lime Ricki, a retro, Cali-chic, swimwear collection that epitomizes summer “indulgence” and hits right on target with my philanthropic style.

(lime ricki donates 10% of all their proceeds to charity.)

{ Photo source: www.limericki.com}

Christian Louboutin “Sweet Charity” Handbags

He’s the undisputed king of shoes, and even though they’re sans the signature red bottoms, the French designer’s flirty line of coveted “Sweet Charity” handbags and clutches are just as unapologetically striking and beautiful. Colorful and candy-esque, I get giddy trying to pick just one!

Available at:

{photo sources: Christian Louboutin}

Do what you can, with what you have

I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a shoe addict, but I have been known to impulsively buy the occasional pair (or two…or three…) of ill-fitting flats or impractical heels that inevitably sit patiently at the back of my closet, waiting for their time to shine.

Sadly, many of my shoes collect more dust than they do wear.

The reality is that there are many people in need of footwear and for today’s “Do what you can, with what you have” I’m donating footwear to women who need them.

In between sighs of parting with each pretty pair, I’ve managed to find solace in knowing that they’re all going to a good home…

Places to donate shoes (new and used):
Soles4Souls Dress For Success Goodwill Nike Reuse-A-Shoe