~ Online Fundraising For Everyone!

Non-profits and fundraising groups are always looking to raise funds online in a easy and simple way. provides exactly that! allows you to raise money online with your own personal donation website that you can get setup in minutes!

Recently, I decided to cut out an occassional luxury from my daily life and allot an equivalent amount of the money I saved to a charitable cause. Using, I set up my own fundraising webpage (free and fast, literally in less than five minutes) so that my money would go to a specific charity of my choosing; I made my first contribution of $5 (my afternoon latte, a pricey cup of coffee) and invited friends to do the same. Each time one of us passed up a little indulgence, we donated that amount through my fundraising website at

The donations were modest in size—the price of a pack of mints, a magazine, popcorn at the movies—but I raised over $200 in less than six months that went to programs and services of the Save Darfur Coalition.

To find your favorite non-profit charity, go to and start an online fundraising website today!  This is especially great for those who are running charity marathons or other events that need to collect pledges.