Touch to Give iPhone App – Using Technology to Make a Difference

Want to alleviate hunger, fight breast cancer, and help animals? You can tap for that!

If you’ve only got a minute to give – here’s how to do it!

Use your iPhone to download this application then simply, touch to give. It works for the Hunger Site, the Breast Cancer Site, and the Animal Rescue site!

*Touch To GiveTM iPhone App

How does Touch To GiveTM work?

Once you download the app onto your iPhone*, iPod Touch, or iPad, you will be able to Touch To GiveTM every day! Just open the app, choose the cause, and tap the colored “Touch To GiveTM” button. 100% of revenue from our sponsor ads are used exclusively to help the cause. You can Touch To GiveTM for all three causes every day — to click for the other causes just click on the “GreaterGood Network” at the top left. It’s always free!

What does my touch give?
There are three causes in the Touch To GiveTM app. With The Hunger Site, your touch pays for garden seeds for sustainable farming projects. With The Animal Rescue Site, your touch gives treats; food and care for rescued pets in shelters and sanctuaries. And with The Breast Cancer Site, your touch funds breast cancer research.

Want to do more?
You can do even more to inspire and make a difference, right from your iPhone! Spread the word by sharing our app via Facebook or Twitter — the more people who Touch To GiveTM, the more good we can do together. You can also check out featured products from our store, where every purchase gives extra to help the cause. Or learn about our latest petitions; adding your voice can help change the world.

Questions about the GreaterGood Network, The Hunger Site, or the Touch To GiveTM app? You can learn more by visiting our FAQ page.


Day 18 of 30 Days/30 Ways to Give: GOT A FEW MINUTES? MICRO-VOLUNTEER!

Have a favorite cause, organization, or interest you’d like to assist but not a lot of time on your hands?  Here’s a solution! Check out the website The Extraordinaries for micro-volunteer on-demand and on-the-spot opportunities.  The Extraordinaries allows you to do something meaningful in just a few minutes.
This site proves what I say in the book “How to Be an Everyday Philanthropist“, you don’t have to have a lot of time, energy or money to do something extraordinary for your community or world.
The Extraordinaries allows users to take microactions — simple things they can do in seconds from a computer or mobile phone — to help be part of a larger solution.
Some possibilities:

  • Translate an organization’s website into a foreign language
  • Record locations of potholes for municipalities
  • Identify birds for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  • Fact check for reporters

Users can choose from a variety of “missions” to tag or match images, do research or map something.  The Extraordinaires is a world of opportunity for those who want to do good with few resources. There’s also an iPhone app available that I couldn’t be more jazzed about if I had thought of it myself!

Don’t Forget Our GIVEAWAY!!!

~ This month, Everyday Philanthropist will shine the spotlight on volunteers. Go to our Facebook page to share your personal stories, read firsthand testimonials from current volunteers and be inspired by the “30 Days/30 Ways” tips on how to lend a helping hand.

A prize pack, including signed copies of How to Be an Everyday Philanthropist : 330 Ways to Make a Difference in your Home, Community and World – At no Cost! (Workman, 2009) will be awarded to people doing good across the country.

In addition, you will be featured on Everyday Philanthropist’s blog and may be featured in an upcoming book. Here’s how to enter. Share your personal way of how you like to give back (no matter how grand or slight) at our Facebook Fan Page. Its that easy!

5 Winners will be chosen radomly and contacted after the contest closes on April 30th.

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