Fulfill your Wildest Dreams at CharityBuzz.com

Have you ever wanted to visit the Glee set and sit down to lunch with Matthew Morrison? (Um, yes please!) Attend the world premiere and after party of the new Justin Timberlake flick? Have a private shopping experience with design icon, Nicole Miller? These wild stylish dreams are just a click away, available in a CharityBuzz.com auction, the auction site that offers a myriad of fashion and beauty experiences. At charitybuzz, you can win one-of-a-kind experiences with your favorite celebrities, luxury travel, designer merchandise, access to VIP sporting events and much more. Their innovative auctions feature something for everyone! The best part? Your winning bid raises money for some of the world’s most well-respected charities in support of dozens of different causes.

Buzz on over to CharityBuzz.com now to place your bids — and make a difference for kids in need.

A global marketplace where every purchase makes a positive impact

More than 15,000 eco- and socially conscious goods are
available (some from as low as $2.50) on WorldofGood.com. Shop by gift category,
or, if you’d like, “purchase impact,” be it eco- , animal-, or people-friendly.
Each product is vetted and comes with a short description so you can see exactly
where your money is going. Fair-trade lip balms, organic soaps and bath fizzers
are all under $15 and make excellent stocking stuffers.

Click “Like” on Facebook to Donate Free Juice to Children In Need

Got Facebook?  Here’s a quick and wonderfully easy way to give to a child in need, using your Facebook “Like” button.
Now through March 31, YOU can make a difference in the lives of hungry children and families by becoming a Sun Shower fan.
For every new Facebook fan, Sun Shower is donating one bottle of juice to Second Harvest-supported food banks across the country. 
Do it now. Do it for a kid.
Haven’t set up your own Facebook account yet?  It’s easy and free!  Look for the green Sign Up button in the upper left corner of the screen to get started.  Welcome to the Sun Shower Facebook Community!
Double the difference made and become a fan of Drenchers, too!

Bullets 4 Peace

If you want to rock the latest necklace celebs like Beyonce, Hillary Duff and Justin Bieber are sporting, try on Bullets 4 Peace, a jewelry line made out of real recycled bullet casings – that does good while looking good. Created by designer Rafi Anteby, jewelry is crafted from recyclable materials found in war zones, streets and other troubled areas and made into neckalces with artwork turning them into something wonderful.

 Every Bullet Has a Target is a charity affiliation program. The program was designed to attach each bullet style to a different charity. A percentage of sales goes towards helping raise money and awareness for these charities.

Who among us doesn’t want to give something back?

Dear Friends,

The state of the world’s problems are really hitting home. Everywhere you turn, there’s another story about things going wrong and only getting worse: the global food crisis, the down economy, back-to-back hurricanes, floods, child soldiers in Congo and problems in our own backyards. The list, it seems, never ends. With more than 6 billion people living on planet earth there are bound to be problems. Considerable ones. Luckily, there are solutions. Small, simple, utterly pain-free ways to make a real difference.

As a concerned citizen of the world, I know you want to help. I think every person worries about the current state of things. With all that’s taking place, it seems like the natural thing to do. All of us are looking for change, looking for things we can do to improve the world and make it a safer, happier place for all. We all know we should be doing something to make a difference, but all too often we fold in despair and wonder how one person can really make a dent in all that’s happening?

Perhaps, the biggest challenge we face, is waking up to a new way of giving back: Taking from the resources we currently hold and putting them to good use in a way we can manage.  This can mean anything from donating talents like hairdressing, knitting and nurturing, to donating spare items, like shoes, books and clothes, to making smarter shopping decision and frequenting companies that treat social responsibility as a matter of priority.  

From the products we use, to the places we visit, to the way we invest, there are countless choices to making a better world.   The question I’m presenting today to you, is How Do You Make a Difference?
 Please share your thoughts and stories.  A new story will be featured on Everyday Philanthropist blog, each Tuesday starting in September. The world needs to know about our unsung heroes.  Let’s inspire a world of change!

Share your comments on this blog, Facebook or Twitter.

Be Well,
Nicole Bouchard Boles