Drink to Help Haitian Mango Farmers

Drink Haiti Hope and Give Haiti Hope.

Purchase a bottle of Odwalla Haiti Hope Mango Lime-Aid and 100% of profits go directly to the Haiti Hope Project.
The Haiti Hope Project

In the wake of Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake, TechnoServe is partnering with The Coca-Cola Company on the Haiti Hope Project, whose objective is to create a sustainable Haitian mango industry and play a role in the island nation’s long-term recovery efforts. TechnoServe will help Haitian mango farmers grow their crops more efficiently, produce additional crops to boost their incomes and create businesses allowing them to access markets sustainably. One hundred percent of the profit from the Odwalla Haiti Hope Mango Lime-Aid will go to the project. The Coca-Cola Company has committed $3.5 million to the Haiti Hope Project. The Inter-American Development Bank’s Multilateral Investment Fund has made the Haiti Hope Project eligible for $3 million in funding, and expects to soon obtain its board’s approval of the grant. The efforts of TechnoServe, The Coca-Cola Company and other donors and partners will help Haitian communities rebuild and create a better future.
To Learn more about raising a bottle to a more fruitful future for Haiti, visit Facebook.com/Odwalla.

We can help Haiti. And it all starts with you.

For Canadians wanting to help Haiti, Have $1 to donate? Go to http://www.sweetspot.ca/ and turn it into $3. Sweetspot.ca has partnered with UNICEF – the lead agency for water, nutrition, child protection and education – to help Haiti through its recovery. They are also reaching out to their readers for extra help so tha…t every dollar donated goes THREE times as far. How does it work? You donate whatever amount you feel comfortable giving, and sweetspot.ca will donate TWICE as much, automatically turning every dollar you donate into three! (And, sweeter yet, the Canadian Federal Government has its own matching program, so your contribution will go even further!)