Do what you can, with what you have

I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a shoe addict, but I have been known to impulsively buy the occasional pair (or two…or three…) of ill-fitting flats or impractical heels that inevitably sit patiently at the back of my closet, waiting for their time to shine.

Sadly, many of my shoes collect more dust than they do wear.

The reality is that there are many people in need of footwear and for today’s “Do what you can, with what you have” I’m donating footwear to women who need them.

In between sighs of parting with each pretty pair, I’ve managed to find solace in knowing that they’re all going to a good home…

Places to donate shoes (new and used):
Soles4Souls Dress For Success Goodwill Nike Reuse-A-Shoe

5 Minute Philanthropy

Who among us doesn’t want to give something back to the world?  And in today’s super-speed world, most of us don’t have the extra time to volunteer or dedicate to the causes we care about.  We would like to help, but finding a way to give back usually becomes overwhelming and we push it off until another day.

But today can be different…

In just 5 minutes you could:
  • Donate your old cell phone to, they distribute to provide emergency communications to people.

  • Schedule a pickup of your used clothes or household items with Goodwill

Even five to ten minutes is enough time to start shaping your ideas of what it means to do good.  Every little bit counts!