Give Back with a Charity Drive with FREE Glad ForceFlex Bags

The holidays are just around the corner and there is no better time to be an everyday hero and give back than during this time of year when the most help is needed! One way to give back is through GLAD ForceFlex’s new Bag Bank program, where they’re encouraging consumers to host coat drives and other items from their closets to help someone in need. Clothing can then be donated to organizations that distribute gently used clothes to those in need, like One Warm Coat, an organization that provides coats to anyone in need, free of charge, Making Memories, a breast cancer support and advocacy group, which sells donated wedding dresses and uses the proceeds to fulfill the wishes of women with terminal breast cancer, and SAFE (Stuffed Animals for Emergencies) an organization which collects gently used toys to be redistributed to emergency personnel and organizations to help kids cope in difficult situations.

Whether you’re collecting coats, dresses or stuffed animals, you can help address the toughest challenges in your community with the help of the GLAD Bag Bank. You provide the idea, volunteers and inspiration, GLAD will provide ForceFlex trash bags.  For more information, please visit to set up a drive in your community.

Your donations are a gift, you should treat them as such by preparing them with care. Charities often have to throw away donations if they are dirty, broken, unsafe, or otherwise unusable. In general, donations of used clothing and other household goods must be in good to excellent condition.

• Keep it Clean ~ Wash clothes and linens, separate clothing (for men, women, or children), and pack them with some thought—i.e., don’t shove a clean white dress shirt into a bag with shoes. You wouldn’t pack your own stuff this way, would you?

• Air out any heavier ~ bedding like blankets or sleeping bags. Wipe down toys or small appliances to
get rid of any grime.

• Keep it Safe ~ Don’t give away an item that’s been the target of a safety recall (especially toys). If in doubt, check the Consumer Protection Safety Commission’s website (, which lists product recalls.

• Keep it Fresh ~ Don’t give away books with missing pages or babies’ board books that have been chewed or stained beyond repair. You can deodorize musty books by placing them in a bag with a dish of baking soda for about ten days. Try to separate books by category, and you’ll save a volunteer a lot of work on the other end.