Lauren Bush and FEED Team Up With Clarins on New Makeup Bag

Lauren Bush’s FEED Projects has joined with French cosmetics company Clarins for its most ambitious partnership yet: They are aiming to feed 1 million children in two years. FEED, which supplies meals through the United Nations World Food Programme, has raised over $6 million and delivered over 60 million meals since it was founded in 2007.

Lauren Bush continues to up the ante with her FEED bags. The resulting organic cotton, recycled nylon-lined makeup bags are packed with travel-sized versions of Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion, Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, and Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector.

As with all of her bags, the new addition to Bush’s collection of totes and clutches includes a number—15—denoting how many meals it will provide for children in need through a donation to the United Nations World Food Programme.

Clarins and FEED Makeup bag, $30, available July 15 at

iCoke – Give your points for Peace

Give Your Points for Peace!

Peace One Day is a non-profit organization on a mission; to tell the world about Peace Day September 21 – the first ever annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence – and they need your help.

Learn more about Peace One Day

In 1999, filmmaker Jeremy Gilley founded the non-profit organization Peace One Day. His mission: to establish the first ever annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence with a fixed date, and document his journey. His efforts were rewarded in 2001 when the day was adopted unanimously by the member states of the United Nations as September 21 – Peace Day.

Do your part to support Peace One Day on
Redeem 500 iCoke Points™ for the “Peace For One Day” mp3 – by Dave Stewart and Jimmy Cliff, and Coca-Cola will donate $5 – with the ultimate goal of raising $25,000 for Peace One Day.


How to donate frequent flier miles to charity

Travelers, give back effortlessly by donating some of those frequent flier miles through programs such as American Airlines’ Miles for Kids in Need, which helps provide free flights for seriously ill children and their families. Most airlines offer similar programs, so check with a customer service representative.

Your travels on Northwest Airlines (NWA) could make a difference in the life of a transplant patient. Donate frequent flier miles to the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP). national office or your local chapter.

Members of Delta’s SkyMiles program can donate a minimum of 5,000 miles to SkyWish, which will be used to support selected charities, including Make-A-Wish, CARE, United Way, and another charity which changes every quarter (currently the Arthritis Foundation). Donations can be made by phone at 800-325-3999, or by mail, e-mail, or FAX.
See Delta’s website for more information.

United Airlines Mileage Plus members can make donations to the American Red Cross through United Airline’s Mileage Plus Charity program. The minimum mileage requirement for a donation is 1,000 miles. All donations should be made through the Mileage Plus Service Center by calling 1-800-421-4655. Get more information here:,,1363,00.html.

If your airline doesn’t offer a frequent flyer miles donation program, you can always head over to Make-A-Wish Foundation, which does not have formal partnerships with airlines; however, can use transferable airline vouchers or tickets on a case-by-case basis. To find out more about airline voucher or ticket donations, contact the

Walk to Help Overcome ovarian cancer in the Winners Walk of Hope

Join Ovarian Cancer Canada’s 9th annual Winners Walk of Hope on September 12, 2010. The Winners Walk of Hope is the single largest fundraiser in Canada that supports ovarian cancer awareness, education and research. Last year 11,000 participants raised more than $2.3M. This year the goal is to raise a record-breaking $2.5M!

What you can do to support the walk:

~Join or Start a Team -Winners Walk of Hope events take place across the country providing participants with the opportunity to join together with thousands of others to overcome ovarian cancer. Find a walk location near you!

~Participate as a virtual walker – Can’t make it to Walk?  No problem, you can join as a Virtual Walker.

As a Virtual Walk participant you can show your support for this remarkable event by raising funds for Ovarian Cancer Canada without physically attending a Walk.

~Make a Mini Walk event in your Area – If there isn’t a national Walk in your area, why not create one in your community? To learn more about starting a Mini Walk please contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 1-877-413-7970 ext. 226.

~Donate – Every bit helps!

~Volunteer – An event like this is rarely possible without the dedication and involvement of volunteers.  Whether you want to be a part of the prize patrol, brochure distribution or food and beverage team, volunteering with the Walk is an integral part of its success.  Find volunteer ops here.

Save the Children and T.J. Maxx “Totes for Change” program

During back-to-school season, sales of T.J. Maxx limited edition, specially designed reusable tote bags featuring original children’s artwork, will benefit children in need in the United States.
For each reusable bag sold (.99 cents), T.J. Maxx will donate one basic item—like socks, underwear or backpacks—to Save the Children’s U.S. Programs, an organization that helps make sure kids around the world are safe, healthy, well nourished and educated.

For over 25 years, T.J.Maxx and Save the Children have worked together to help children living in our nation’s poorest rural communities by providing literacy, nutrition and physical fitness programs that give them a chance for a brighter future. This partnership began with the sponsorship of 113 children, and has grown to over 925 with every T.J.Maxx store sponsoring a child. Since 1984 T.J.Maxx and its customers have donated over $14 million to children in need in the United States.

Buy a Blizzard, save a life! Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day

Thursday, August 12, 2010 is Miracle Treat Day Canada at Dairy Queen. Buy a Blizzard treat on this day and you will be helping sick and injured children in your area. All proceeds from every Blizzard treat sold at participating DQ locations on Miracle Treat Day will be donated to Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. DQ has raised over $81 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Let’s make 2010 a record-breaking year! Join DQ and help make miracles happen.

Comfort Homeless Animals

Even the youngest among us can give back with this fun idea:

If your child is part of the new knitting craze, help her/him knit, quilt, crochet or sew blankets to donate to Hugs for Homeless Animals’ Snuggle Project (  The hand-crafted “snuggles” are given to shelters to help animals feel more secure and comfortable while waiting for a permanent home.

Photo: Snuggles Project

Children’s Safe Drinking Water

An estimated 1.1 billion people worldwide are without access to clean drinking water. That’s approximately a quarter of the world’s population! Don’t you think that water should be seen as a basic human right and not a luxury?
I thought so.
Here’s what you can do to help provide fresh water to those in need for only pennies a gallon. Head over to Children’s Safe Drinking Water at and make a donation to a program that distributes PUR packets (a powder that makes unsanitary and potentially deadly water drinkable). For a donation of just $0.10 you can provide one packet that will clean up to 10 litres of water! A donation of $1 will provide a child with fresh drinking water for 50 days. And, a donation of $30 gives an entire family clean water for a full year.

30 Days/30 Ways – National Volunteer Month

National Volunteer Month is rapidly approaching (April 1-30).

What are you going to do to give back?

If you’re like most people you may be wondering how you’ll find the extra money or spare time to make a difference, right? In today’s economy and busy-ness, most of us don’t have a lot of time or money to donate.  We would like to help out the causes we care about, but finding a way to give back usually becomes overwhelming and we push it off until another day.

Well, in honor of National Volunteer Month, Everyday Philanthropist is going to give you one action each day during the month of April that is simple, cash-free and time-flexible for ordianry people who want to help!

With everyone’s busy lives in mind, I give you actions that anyone can start and finish within the course of one day, often within an hour or less.

Starting in April, people can visit this Everyday Philanthropist blog, Everyday Philanthropist on Twitter and Everyday Philanthropist’s Facebook page to get daily inspiration on ways to give back. 

Some of the simple volunteer tips and philanthropy ideas included in the “30 Days/30 Ways” campaign include:

— Play for a cause. donates rice to the hungry for each answer you get right on this (rather addictive) vocabularly game.

— Mentor a child.  Don’t have a lot of time to volunteer?  No problem.  Find flexible mentoring options online at places like

— Reuse a Shoe.  Donate old sneakers to Nike-Reuse-a-Shoe, where they’ll be recylced into safe playground spaces for children.

— Smart Spending.  Shop your favorite stores at online charity malls and a portion of your purchase price is donated to your charity of choice.

GIVEAWAY!!! ~ In addition, Everyday Philanthropist will shine the spotlight on volunteers throughout this month.  Go to our Facebook page to share your personal stories, read firsthand testimonials from current volunteers and be inspired by the “30 Days/30 Ways” tips on how to lend a helping hand.  A prize pack, including copies of How to Be an Everyday Philanthropist : 330 Ways to Make a Difference in your Home, Community and World – At no Cost! (Workman, 2009) will be awarded to people doing good across the country. 

In addition, you will be featured on Everyday Philanthropist’s blog and may be featured in an upcoming book. Here’s how to enter.  Share your personal way of how you like to give back (no matter how grand or slight) at our Facebook Fan Page.  5 Winners will be chosen radomly and contacted after the contest closes on April 30th.   Contest starts today!

Good luck and see you all in 2 days to start our 30Days/30Ways Program!

Celebrate Earth Hour 2010 by turning off your lights March 27

Earth Hour is almost here! 8:30 pm, Saturday March 27, 2010

Last year hundreds of millions of people across the globe turned out their lights for Earth Hour. This year the goal iso reach 1 billion people! Together, by spreading the word, we can reach that goal.

Got plans for the big night yet? Find an event in your city: Canada  United States

Or try these Earth Hour App’s:

The Twitter widget

Add a Twibbon to your avatar

For your Facebook profile

Other Facebook App, where you can flick the virtual light switch and show your friends you’re committed to Earth Hour

Keep up to date on all the Earth Hour excitement, straight from your Blackberry!

Create a virtual lantern and embed it on your site so others can to! –

Looking for even more inspiration? Vote on your favorite video or photo essay in the Earth Hour Every Hour Contest for great weekly prizes:!

Become a Part of Something Great – Be a Mentor

Here’s a simple way you can provide children with a better future:
Contact a local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America ( or Boys & Girls Clubs of America ( to learn how you can get involved.

It is the perfect time to discover your local Boys & Girls Club and its role in the community. From homework help, open houses and parades to picnics, performances and fundraisers, there are many opportunities to learn how you can make a difference in the life of a child.

Visit your local Club and learn how we are helping young people BE GREAT!

Watch:  Ashanti shares why she supports Boys & Girls Clubs

Donorschoose – Spring to Action charity sale.

With education budget cuts rampant, thousands of classrooms across the country simply do not have the funding to purchase even the most essential supplies that students need to be successful.

Here’s a great way for you to help this week…

In celebration of the start of spring, online education charity and the Pershing Square Foundation are trying something new: a charity “sale” to support public school students and teachers across the U.S. For three days this week, every request for classroom materials/supplies submitted by a teacher at that supports health, sports, music and the arts will be discounted to within $100 of completion. Everyday citizens will be challenged to complete the funding for discounted projects, which primarily serve high poverty classrooms, before the offer expires. The “Spring to Action” starts tomorrow, Tuesday, March 23, and runs through Thursday, March 25.

The “Spring to Action Sale” is an innovative philanthropic play on a traditional retail model that comes as part a new series of offers called “Almost Home,” made possible by a $1 million grant from the Pershing Square Foundation. Here’s an example of how funding is implemented: an eligible project request that initially costs $650 will receive $550 in matching funds from the Pershing Square Foundation as soon as donors – everyday citizens — contribute the first $100. In other words, it’s a sale on charity.

The first offer ran over Presidents’ Day weekend and applied to all project requests focused on American History and Civics. Donors across the country funded every eligible project — 675 projects in 24 hours.

As with any project request at, donors can contribute any dollar amount to classroom projects during each “Almost Home” offer. Once a project is completely funded, will purchase the requested materials and send them directly to the classroom. All donors will receive photos of the project taking place, a thank-you letter from the teacher, and a cost report showing how each dollar was spent. Donors who fund the entire $100 cost will also receive hand-written thank-you letters from the students.

Classroom project requests that support health, sports, music and the arts come from public and charter school teachers in all 50 states. A few examples:

New York City classroom
Los Angeles classroom

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