Campus Cool: Esperos Bags

Class is in session, and my tip on being the coolest kid on campus this year – dominating the halls in the latest philanthro-chic gear.  Case in point: The fabulous line of ESPEROS bags and backpacks that do a world of good.  You’ll simply swoon for the rugged style and chic tree-hugging vibe of the sleek canvas bags, and with a padded sleeve on the interior that fits laptops, a discreet pocket on the front flap perfect for your iPod, and a side pocket for any other goodies you may be packing, the ESPEROS bags and backpacks ensure that you’ll be well equipped to hit the class in style. More importantly, you’ll be providing children in need with one of the greatest gifts of all: Education.  With every purchase of an ESPEROS backpack, you’re helping to send one child in Haiti to school for an entire year!  Yah, you rock! One bag. One child. One year.  Work it!


(Photo Source: Esperos Bags)