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law of attraction

I think a lot about the law of attraction. I believe in being in the “flow” of life where you do not seek the light, you see it. You do not look for beauty. You be it. You do not search for self. You know it. You do not strive to be happy. You are.

To me, this is the natural law of attraction. You aren’t seeking something outside yourself, but rather drawing the outside goodness into the inside goodness you recognize. You aren’t trying to draw in a car, a boat, a better lover, a different you. Instead you are asking the outside world to reflect your inside world. It’s true that often what we think about the world is what we think about ourselves. So if we are fearful and bitter about the world around us, guess what? That thought is what we are feeling about ourselves.

It’s time to elevate our thoughts. Little by little. One small thought at a time. It’s time to honour ourselves with small beliefs about our beauty, gifts, and Source. Small beliefs grow into small experiences. Small experiences grow into bigger beliefs. Bigger beliefs grow into bold moves. Bold moves show the Universe that we are on board and ready for the ride of our life.

Trust the flow. Go on the wild ride knowing you are fully supported. Make the decision to elevate your thoughts about yourself and your inner world. Change will reflect in your reality. Slowly but surely.

“We can only attract to ourselves what we already feel ourselves to be, what we feel is natural. So in order to attract something different (and better) into your life you must first change the underlying beliefs upon which your life is based. This ‘inner change’ will, in turn, bring about a change in your thoughts and change in the outward manifestation of your life. Thus, the “Law of who you believe yourself to be” or the “Law of Being” determines what you attract; the “Law of Attraction” is secondary, it is wholly de-pendent upon the deeper and more fundamental law of your own Being.”

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