How you can help animal shelters

help animal shelters

Beautiful ways you can help animal shelters

Short or time or funds (or both?) but you desperately want to help animals at a local shelter? Here are some beautiful ways that you can make a big difference, and get your furry-friend fix.

Be a caring cuddler: Oftentimes, shelters across the country are short on staff to help exercise, cuddle and socialize their animals. If you’re good with furry friends, volunteer an hour or two once a week to spend time with the animals at a local shelter. Play time has huge psychological and physical benefits for waiting animals (not to mention, the heart-warming benefits to self).

caring cuddler

beautiful ways you can help animal shelters

Donate wish-list items: Every shelter has a “must-have” list of items as well as wish-list of items to help accommodate shelter pets, whether it’s food, toys, stuffies (for cuddling) extra towels for bedding, newspapers (for puppy training), litter, crates or cleaning supplies. Pick up a couple items next time you’re shopping or donate some of your new or gently used items at the local shelter.
donate to animal shelters

beautiful ways you can help animal shelters

Party Plan with Pets in Mind: Your birthday, anniversary, first-date, etc. Pet Parties are the perfect way to gather donations for a shelter and perhaps encourage pet-fostering or adoption. Everyone wants to be nice to you at your party, right? Make it easy for your friends to gift you with a fundraising website like or, to raise money throughout the month of your birthday or anniversary, or the day of your party, or you can ask anyone attending your party to bring a gift for the shelter instead of for you. You could even host a fabulously fun party at a shelter or dog park for extra joy and inspiration.
party to help animal shelters

beautiful ways you can help animal shelters

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