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Almost every daily action can result in a small but deeply meaningful act of giving. Here are 330 unexpected ideas for making a difference – ideas that have nothing to do with the size of your bank account and everything to do with using assets you already have. As Julie Salamon, author of Hospital, says, “This book is the perfect guide for those who want to do the right thing, but can’t figure out how.”

• Donate Your Belongings: You’re not just giving away stuff: You’re keeping an abandoned animal warm, helping a woman land a job, making a sick child’s dream come true.

• Use Your Family: Give new meaning to quality time: Adopt a puppy; become a frog watcher; be a host family for the Fresh Air Fund; deposit change into a Giving Jar; sign up for Obama’s National Family Volunteer Day.

• Volunteer Your Talents: Match your skills with a cause: Are you a whiz at Web design; accounting; writing? Help a school in Guatemala design a brochure;organize the books at your community center; write a grant proposal for a local homeless shelter.

• Use Your Computer: Give back without leaving your desk: Use a search engine that donates money to charities each time you click; be a virtual mentor to an orphaned teen; sign online petitions about vital issues.

In tough times it’s more important than ever that people and communities pull together— How To Be An Everyday Philanthropist makes it easier than ever before.

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