A Call to Serve

First Lady Obama announced the commencement of United We Serve, the US Government’s nation-wide summer of service initiative that encourages Americans to get involved in community service and to develop “do it yourself” service projects. The website, Serve.gov is an online volunteer resource that enables citizens to search for volunteer and service project opportunities in their localaties.

Watch the video below to hear Mrs. Obama’s message on service and log on to the United We Serve campaign at http://www.serve.gov/ to get involved.


  1. I have volunteered since college. It is a rewarding and fun activity. I am glad that the new administration is pushing others to serve in their communities.

    Most people I know don't volunteer because they don't have time or don;t know where to look.

    Well you can sign up through Volunteer Match.org and receive weekly emails about volunteer opportunities in your area.

    Leah Oviedo

  2. Thanks Leah! You said it, volunteering truly is a rewarding and fun activity. It is nice to see the new administration place such a healthy emphasis on serving communities and others in need! The time is ripe for change.

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