30 Days/30 Ways – National Volunteer Month

National Volunteer Month is rapidly approaching (April 1-30).

What are you going to do to give back?

If you’re like most people you may be wondering how you’ll find the extra money or spare time to make a difference, right? In today’s economy and busy-ness, most of us don’t have a lot of time or money to donate.  We would like to help out the causes we care about, but finding a way to give back usually becomes overwhelming and we push it off until another day.

Well, in honor of National Volunteer Month, Everyday Philanthropist is going to give you one action each day during the month of April that is simple, cash-free and time-flexible for ordianry people who want to help!

With everyone’s busy lives in mind, I give you actions that anyone can start and finish within the course of one day, often within an hour or less.

Starting in April, people can visit this Everyday Philanthropist blog, Everyday Philanthropist on Twitter and Everyday Philanthropist’s Facebook page to get daily inspiration on ways to give back. 

Some of the simple volunteer tips and philanthropy ideas included in the “30 Days/30 Ways” campaign include:

— Play for a cause.  Freerice.org donates rice to the hungry for each answer you get right on this (rather addictive) vocabularly game.

— Mentor a child.  Don’t have a lot of time to volunteer?  No problem.  Find flexible mentoring options online at places like Hangproud.com.

— Reuse a Shoe.  Donate old sneakers to Nike-Reuse-a-Shoe, where they’ll be recylced into safe playground spaces for children.

— Smart Spending.  Shop your favorite stores at online charity malls and a portion of your purchase price is donated to your charity of choice.

GIVEAWAY!!! ~ In addition, Everyday Philanthropist will shine the spotlight on volunteers throughout this month.  Go to our Facebook page to share your personal stories, read firsthand testimonials from current volunteers and be inspired by the “30 Days/30 Ways” tips on how to lend a helping hand.  A prize pack, including copies of How to Be an Everyday Philanthropist : 330 Ways to Make a Difference in your Home, Community and World – At no Cost! (Workman, 2009) will be awarded to people doing good across the country. 

In addition, you will be featured on Everyday Philanthropist’s blog and may be featured in an upcoming book. Here’s how to enter.  Share your personal way of how you like to give back (no matter how grand or slight) at our Facebook Fan Page.  5 Winners will be chosen radomly and contacted after the contest closes on April 30th.   Contest starts today!

Good luck and see you all in 2 days to start our 30Days/30Ways Program!

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